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Facing challenges in life with a positive attitude

Subject: Thoughts on Facing challenges in life with a positive attitude , optimism and hope


Before judging what is happening with you as a misfortune, look deeply to see if it is not a life blessing. All the situations and challenges we face in our lives can be doorways to boost us to a new higher level of well being, peace, abundance and joy.


Think now of your deepest problem in this lifetime, the one that has been in your mind for years now. Imagine if you could find the highest solutions to this problem, just imagine. Imagine how many people who have similar problems could benefit from you finding the way out of these problems.


There are those people who were born within terrible environment, abused in all levels as children and are now world leaders, powerful teachers giving a true contribution to humanity. These men and women have learned to see the blessings within their misfortunes and offered themselves as examples on how to better deal with these circumstances. They have opened a new higher path for all coming behind them.


Having a problem is not easy, nor even enjoyable or fun, far from that.  Having a problem can be sad at times, no matter the nature of this problem: physical, material, emotional, mental and so on. But as human brothers and sisters, we can take the most out of our problems using them as great doorways of opportunities to boost our and everyone´s lives for the better.


You have all within yourself. You have within you the maps to any goal you want to achieve, did you know that? The challenge then becomes how to open up the path to reach these maps within you. How can you find the inner maps to your goals? You can do so by asking God for all the maps to your goals to be revealed to you.


Humanity can grow and find within itself the maps to its many challenges. Humanity can solve its challenges. It can and will, for instance, find the cure for cancer, aids and any other present and future diseases. Humanity can and will learn how to travel through space faster and easily finding more about the many mysteries of the Universe. Humanity can and will birth a new sense of love and brotherhood within itself through time.


We know so many brothers of ours who have honored their lifetimes and humanity. To name a few: Thomas Edison, Albert Eisten, Nelson Mandela, Jesus Christ, Gandhi and so many others whose names can fill up books and more books. As you face a challenge, be it the challenge of healing a physical disease, working through a relationship problem or a financial issue, go within yourself and affirm that in the name of humanity and God, you will find the highest way out of this challenge. If you choose, affirm that you will also bring relief and growth to those who are now facing a similar challenge encouraging others through your own example of success.


You can be a living example for all humanity.

There is enough to be discovered, enough solutions yet to be found, and you are capable to give your contribution to humanity as much as any other human being did or will do.


As you set the intention to help humanity through finding higher solutions to your own challenges and problems, the entire Universe seems to join you, aiding yourself to find these higher solutions.