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The Power of Believing

(Subject: the power of believing  yourself)

Giuliano: Believe in yourself, you are important, you are unique and beautiful. But in order to be all that you can be, you need first to believe in yourself. Before losing weight, you need first to believe you can do so. Before marrying, you need to believe you can find a special one. Observe how important believing in yourself really is.

Everything starts with believing. You need to believe in your power to have money in order to be financially powerful. Whatever you want, first remember you need to believe.

How about starting right now? Think of one of your dreams, whatever it is. Spend the next weeks just giving yourself reasons why you can have this dream come about. Visualize yourself having it. Remind yourself you are capable of achieving what you want. This is the very first step toward living your dream. Believing in yourself is a crucial step toward your dreams, one you can’t skip.

Really believe you can have the home of your dreams, the feelings of your dreams, the friends of your dreams, the job of your dreams even if you don’t know how this may be possible right now.

Don’t rush through the phases of manifesting a dream. Enjoy the phase of believing in yourself and in your powers. I have met wonderful people in shape who once were obese. They always share how important it was at a certain time in their lives to believe they were somehow were capable of losing weight and having the body of their dreams. Believing they could do it helped them throughout all the next steps they took to build the healthy good looking body they wanted.

You can’t imagine how important believing really is. Spend a good time in this phase. Just let go of the need to see your dream happening right now. Focus all your attention in believing in yourself to the next level.