How to deal and cope with annoying people ?

Answer: The more you struggle with something, the more you stick to it. The more you fight with a kind of person, the more you will find yourself drawing this kind of person into your life.

Is there an issue you have been struggling with? Perhaps you dislike ugliness or lack of order, perhaps you dislike too much noise and so on. Just observe what you are trying to get rid off your days and life. This is the very thing you need you make peace with and accept.

Accepting someone you totally dislike will free you from being affected by this person. It will also free you space to welcome someone you like and enjoy more into your life. Observe how far you have already come in loving and accepting people, yourself and the world. You have come far, very far.

But there are other people you are here to embrace with your love, people you are here to love next. Who are these people? What do they do that you dislike or disapprove? Do they lie, invent stories? What habits annoy you? If you want, make a list of what and who is annoying you in your days. Also make sure to observe what is annoying about these things and people.

Take your list and make an inner commitment that in the coming months you will make an extra effort to fully love, accept and see the beauty within these things and within these people. Set your mind to make peace with these things and these people. You may not know how accepting them will be possible, but set your clear intent that you will find your way to be in peace with these people and things accepting them.

Trust, just trust the Universe can help you find a way to understand, love and accept anyone and anything. By making peace with that which annoys you, you free space for that which love to enter your life.

Life is magic, really magic, and once you understand the rules that govern life you are free to live and enjoy your life more fully.

Do I really matter ? Is my life important ?

Answer: Your life is a jewel, something precious that is there to be treasured by yourself and others. Do you already treasure your life as something special and unique?  You are very special and so is the unique life you live.

It doesn’t matter where you are living, inside a simple home or within a castle, for you are always impacting people with your attitude and with your thoughts. You are a beautiful and precious life force energy expressing yourself through a multitude of ways. As a life force energy, you never cease to be yourself, to express your thoughts and actions.

Even someone sick and in the hospital is a life force energy expressing himself within this situation. Nothing and no one in the world on can limit our spirits for too long nor hold us from being the precious people we really are. There are countless stories of people who lived in situations such as being a prisoner or a slave and still marked the history of humanity by their wise, loving and powerful attitude. Observe how no one really can stop you from being a powerful being.

No matter where you are, with whom you are, you will always have an abundance of freedom, of a freedom granted to you by God, to be the joyful wise loving being you truly are. The only person, the only one that can block your beauty away is yourself and not anything or anybody else.

How freeing it is to discover this truth! You are always free to express your best and be the wonderful person you really are at all times and at all places.

You can open the way for more abundance, for more loving connections with other human beings, for a better home, for a better work and so on. You deserve all these things. You deserve a wonderful life filled with love. You deserve to be surrounded by nature and lovely friends. Remembering you are deserving of all good things is always the first step to claim good things to enter your life.

Time is very healing, through time you will see yourself welcoming more easily and beautifully all the most wonderful things into your life and all very naturally. We are all here learning and learning.  Because we are learners, we are entitled to make mistakes, to make misjudgments and also to grow from them.

How can I find out my talents ?

Answer: You have great skills yet unknown to you and to the world, skills within you yet unknown waiting for the right moment to blossom and come to the surface. Isn’t it great to be reminded you have powers, skills and talents yet unknown to you? Whenever a new talent blossoms, your entire life changes.

What is the next talent to be awakened within you? Perhaps the talent to sing, to write poems, or the talent to nourish and take care of others. You have a multitude of talents waiting the right circumstances to flourish and change your life for the better.

Everyone has talents to be unveiled, to be discovered. Even your pets will surprise you throughout their lives revealing new beautiful aspects and traits.

We are made of newness. Every day something new comes from within us to all around. Observe the abundance of newness that exists within you and within all life.

Let yourself be surprised, really surprised by some new talent of yours this month. Perhaps you will see yourself doing something you never thought you had the talents or skills to do. Also open the way for others to show talents you never thought they had. People can surprise you, they really can. Teachers know this, they often are surprised by their students and what they are capable of doing.

Perhaps you know more than you think you know, perhaps you are more loving than you think you are or perhaps you are wiser than you have perceived and this also holds true for everyone in your life.

Every time you express yourself be it through writing a book, giving a speech, making a business deal or starting a new diet program you open many doorways of opportunities for your buried talents to emerge and shine. See how this is so this week. Marvel at any new aspect and talent of yours.

When you feel free and safe, you always play out your best to the world; you play your highest self. Nourishing an atmosphere of safety and freedom around you is always a wonderful next step to boost your new talents.  Imagine yourself feeling safer and freer more often and at new areas of your life. Once you feel freer,  your creativity often goes way up.

How can I find balance between work and play ?

Answer: We all know when we need to stop and take a little time to rest and play. And perhaps now it is time to pay more attention to your feelings to stop and rest for awhile.

You can rest by reading a magazine you like, by watching a sunset or by taking a long shower. Meditation may also recharge your batteries even more when you listen to beautiful music while you meditate. Meeting with friends, playing with your pets, dining out or just going for a walk can also increase your joy and recharge your batteries.

Resting and playing can become a vital and  important part of your day as much as working already is.

We all need to rest our minds and bodies. Everyone needs a resting time. Finding the perfect balance between activity and rest is surely one of our most important challenges to master.

How can you master the perfect balance between activity and rest in all areas of your life? Just throw this question to the Universe and the answers will come to you in the days and years to follow.

Perfect balance does exist and is at your reach. Those who live balanced lives are joyful and wonderful people to be around. They are always guided from within towards the next activities that can balance themselves be it to work more, to exercise, to chat or even just sleep.

Be more attentive to your inner guidance and honor it by acting upon it. If your heart is whispering for a break, then give it to yourself. If you are feeling energized to work in a project, then do so.

You can learn how to follow more and more your inner guidance. You can master, day by day and moment by moment, how to create a life filled with perfect balance in all areas.

How to simplify life

We always face two options in life: to make our and everyone’s lives easier or to make things tougher and more complicated. Do you want to see how this is so? Imagine you are in the mall parking your car. You can choose to park in the best way just occupying one parking spot, or you can park anyway occupying two parking spots making someone else’s day more difficult.

Another more humorous example: imagine you make the life decision to only eat pasta with read sauce at lunch time! This decision will for sure make your life more complicated and difficult, even more when you face days where this lunch option is not available. On the other hand, being a person who chooses to eat almost everything can make your life much easier and simpler.

It may be shocking to realize how indeed you are the source of easiness or of difficult in your life. When you decide, for instance, that you want you have a perfect wrinkle free face through time, this decision may bring lots of complications into your life. This is because we all age, we all do! Wrinkles will be there to prove us so. Of course, you can make use of medicines, surgeries and countless cosmetics to keep your young appeal but nevertheless time will impress itself upon your body in some way. The best decision in order to make your life simpler would be to age with joy, to find what is unique about aging choosing to learn to make friends with the wrinkles time will surely bring you. This last decision can make your years on Earth easier and more pleasing to live!

Can you now see how indeed you are the one complicating or making your life easier by each decision you make in each area of your life? This week I invite to you stop before you make any important decision. Really stop for some moments, get quiet and ask yourself: Am I making my life and everyone else’s lives easier or more difficult with this decision? Be honest with yourself!

A more joyful life does mean a life that is easier and simpler to live.

We can do everything in an easier and simpler way. It only takes us to stop for some time before every important decision we make that sure enough we will always see the easiest more joyful out. And of course we don’t have to do it all alone! We can observe the lives of those around us, paying attention to the creative ways they are using to make their lives easier.

Really pay more attention to the lives of those around you such as family members, neighbors, friends and work colleagues; wouldn’t it be possible for you to learn some new creative way to make your own life easier by observing how they live theirs? If you feel like, you may even ask them directly for advice. Ask them for suggestions on how you can make an area of your life simpler. I’m sure you will learn from people new creative ways to make your own life work more beautifully.

Please remember: we can always do everything in an easier and simpler way reaching the same goals. It only takes stopping to see the best and easiest way to reach our goals. As we stop to think about the simpler way to go, we always find better more creative ways to simplify our lives. Many malls and commercial buildings already seem to know this truth. They think about creative ways to make our lives, the consumers, better and easier as we are shopping there. This also holds true for hospitals, airports, banks which are always looking for easier ways to provide us with what we are seeking. They know that the simple and the easy always increase customer satisfaction.

We can also learn to act like these businesses. We can learn to find the easiest simplest way to reach our goals and perform our daily activities. We can choose to make our lives and that of everyone easier. For instance, we can choose to use public transportation in crowded areas and cities, releasing the need to drive our cars thus decreasing the traffic and air pollution. We can also choose to use the internet to pay our bills without needing to increase the line in the banks. There are countless, really countless ways we can make our lives and that of everyone easier, it just takes a little willingness on our part.

What could you change in your life right now to make it easier? If you want, think of at least three areas of your life that are really difficult to live. Think about creative ways you could make each of these areas easier and more pleasing to live. Perhaps you can learn how to organize yourself better, or you can share some of your daily tasks with someone else. You may even decide to make a regular activity become simpler such as paying your electricity bills every four months making a deposit ahead to cover that period saving the time you spent paying bills monthly.

Every time you make your life simpler and easier you are opening the way for more joy in your life.

For each thing you do, there is always an easier and simpler way to go. There is  is also a more complicated and time consuming way as well. This week give yourself the priceless gift to choose the easiest and the simplest of the ways to reach your goals and perform your daily tasks. As you do so, be aware you are also contributing to make other people’s lives easier and simpler thus more joyful.

Tips to a better week:

–  This week I invite to you stop before you make any important decision. Really stop for some moments, get quiet and ask yourself: Am I making my life and everyone else’s lives easier or more difficult with this decision? Be honest with yourself!

–  What could you change in your life right now to make it easier? If you want, think of at least three areas of your life that are really difficult to live. Think now about creative ways you could make each of these areas easier and more pleasing to live.

– Have you read your positive affirmation today? If not, click here.

The Power of Friends in a Joyful Life

Every day is a new beginning. Every day as we wake up, it is as if we are being born all over again. We face daily opportunities to do everything we better than we ever did.

Our days are chances given to us so we can grow, change and do better.

It is important to value each day that is given to you. Use your days to do the best that you can and you will always end up becoming a happier person.

If feeling joyful every day is not yet a reality for you, then it is never late to start searching for ways to be more joyful. Perhaps you need to learn to ask more for help, opening to let others help you. Unhappy people are often isolated always trying to do and discover all by themselves. They are often people who keep their feelings, doubts and desires to themselves.

Don’t be an unhappy person yourself! Find the courage to share more often with others, perhaps with friends and loved ones, your problems, joys, doubts and sorrows.  After all they are your friends and you can count on them and they can count on you.

When we open ourselves, when we are sincere and honest, we give others a chance to get closer to us. We give them a chance to show us affection becoming closer friends.  But this can only happen when we find the courage to open our hearts and share a little more about our world with others. When you give someone the chance to know more about you, your friendship with this person can move to its next level of beauty.

We all deserve to have good friends.

You deserve to have reliable friends, people with whom you can talk about any topic, people with whom you can be your honest, sincere and true self. You deserve to find those who can accept and value you for who you are. People who know and accept your negatives and who also appreciate and support your positives. People like this can help making each day you live more special and more joyful.

Do you already have good friends, people like the ones I just described? If so, congratulations. If you don’t, then open yourself to find them! Perhaps you will find new friends in your work environment, school and so on. Nice and friendly people exist in abundance out there in the world, they are the majority and not the minority. Discover by yourself how this is true.

For those of you thinking “Who will want to be my friend if I have this or that problem?”. The answer for you is: many people will want to be your friend! This is because we all have problems, either big or small ones. We all have some weaknesses too. The fact that you have some problems or that you are facing some challenges, doesn’t make you any different or any less deserving of having good friends.

Know that facing challenges is something very human. It is an illusion to believe you only deserve to have good friends when you are perfect and have no problems and no challenges to deal with! The most important thing is always to look for those people who can love and accept you, your problems and challenges.

It is normal to have problems and to face challenges. We always have some problems or challenges we are dealing with, this is called being a human being!

Don’t blame yourself nor think you are less deserving of the attention and friendship of others just because you are dealing with a problem or because you have some difficulties. As you let people become your friends, your days will always become brighter and more joyful.

Tips to a better week:

– Value each day you are given. Do the best you can with your days.

– Find the courage this week to share your problems, joys and sorrows with your friends. Let your friends get closer to you by being more vulnerable.

More about Giuliano Milan

Giuliano Milan is a 35 year cold  writer, Life Coach and Speaker.

Giuliano Milan is a 35 year old inspirational writer, certified Life Coach and Speaker. He was born in Brazil and started his path of writing in his early twenties. He is a published writer in Brazil and Portugal. Besides giving speeches and trainings within companies, he also coaches CEOs, Directors, actors, olympic athletes and other high performing individuals.


Available only in Portuguese

His book “É Preciso De Pouco Para Ser Feliz” (above) that translates to “You Need Little To Be Joyful” was published in Brazil by Novo Seculo Editora in October 2010 and was published in Portugal by Deplano Editora in July 2011. Giuliano still holds the rights to publish this book in all other countries other than Brazil and Portugal.

As a Life Coach, he offers coaching for individuals either in person or through skype. His major focus on his coaching work is to help people achieve theirs goals successfully and through joy leading balanced and healthy lives.