How To Make A Difference In The World

(Subject: Making a difference in the world, how to make a difference in the world)

Giuliano: Humanity has handled faster more issues in the last hundred years than ever in the past. New technology has been created and more human beings are being educated than in the past. Humanity is becoming more intelligent.


If challenges are coming faster, then we can trust the answers to these challenges will also come faster.


We can use our growing intelligence to create more harmony in the planet. We can use our intelligence to create good for others.


If you are a cab driver, for instance, you may come up with new creative solutions to solve the challenges within your profession, unique solutions only you can come up with.


You can help humanity through your profession. You can create good in people’s lives with the services you provide. You can add love, wisdom, encouragement and joy to others through your work.


There are countless ways for you to bring more harmony to your physical body, to your life and that of others. It just takes a little creativity, openness and willingness on your part to do so.


Some people believe they need to become saints to serve God or to be healthy!


You can a be a saint cab driver, a saint cooker, a saint writer or a saint mother. Do not delude yourself by believing that you will only make a difference in the world if are famous, incredibly rich or live in a monastery. There are countless paths where you can use your intelligence to create good for others and for yourself, paths that do not involve being famous, being rich or even doing charity work.


Look with wise eyes at the world. Find those who are loving and uplifting humanity and these people are in every profession and social class. They are both famous and unknown people. They are our true heroes and healers and they are everywhere in every place, in every job, social class and country.


Even many of the most world famous leaders in history were once not famous and just “out there”. They became famous through time and through the quality of their work and achiviements.


You may bump up with many heroes in this life. They may or may not choose to use their love and intelligence to become famous and millionaires, but they are all certainly choosing to serve humanity in some way.


What if you could face each stranger you meet from the poorest to the richest, from the healthiest to the sickest as a potential hero and true contributor to humanity? How would your life change? Perhaps you would love more those who crossed your path. Perhaps you would respect more people´s dreams even if they sounded too big or too impossible for you.


Meeting a hero, no matter if he or she has yet become recognized by society, is very rewarding. You perhaps have heard stories down the ages of people feeling good just by having contact with special human beings and the loving presence they emanate. I believe is within God’s plan for each of us to become such people.


Learn to honor your life on Earth by choosing wisely where you put your time.


You can always choose to put all that you have: time, energy, money, and intelligence into doing what you love and know can empower and serve humanity. And this is one of the most healing things you can do for yourself and others. As you take the most out of your time to do what you love and to serve others your level of joy, vitality, creativity, love and power goes way up.


Today think of ways you can serve and make a difference through your life and work.


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