The Power of Joy – Feeling joyful is at your reach!

Subject: You can feel joyful now, joy is your birthright.


You are absolutely free to change your approach toward your life anytime you choose. You can choose to sleep in a different hour, be around someone different, and so on. There is literally no one blocking you from changing your life so you can experience more joy.


No one can block your joy. It is just an illusion that someone such as a sickness, a problem or a person can block your joy from you.


If nothing can block your joy, why not feeling joyful at all times? You, yourself, are the absolute owner of joy. Only you can give yourself the right to be joyful. Observe how many times in your day you already allow yourself to be joyful. It is just a matter of expanding these moments more and more so you can live a joyful life.


You don’t need to wait to find a soul mate, to heal a physical problem or to solve a challenge to then be joyful!


You can and have it all to be happy right now at this moment with all the you already know and already have.


Many people tend to hurry up things and projects in their lives so they can eventually become joyful. If they only knew God can source joy into their lives right now, they would not hurry up their lives and projects so much. Indeed, as you become joy yourself, you do not try to accelerate the natural timing of things. You respect time and you are at ease with it.


Free yourself from time. Don’t let time control yourself, nor make you happy or sad. Don’t ever give this power to time! Give yourself and God the power to make yourself happy and joyful at all times.


As sons of God, we have all the reasons to feel blessed, to be thankful and to be joyful. Find your reasons to be joyful today and help others find theirs.


Observe your level of joy now and earlier today. Probably you are feeling more joyful now than when you started reading this article moments ago. This is God in action. The joy you are now feeling comes from deep within in you, a joy that has always been there.


Find all the reasons to give yourself permission to be joyful today and every day. Find the joy to wait for all the truths, answers and solutions to your challenges.


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