Todays Problems of Chronic Impatience – Learning to wait for answers and solutions

Subjetc: Todays chronic impatience and  irritation when it comes to waiting for answers and solutions

Giuliano: The answers we so much seek in any area of our lives may not always reveal itself to us in our timing, it may  come to us by the divine timing which is always perfect and right. The answers to your questions, prayers and requests may come today, next month or in the years to come. Just trust they will come in the best timing for you.


We really have no reasons to become desperate when what  we seek take more time to come about than what we expect. During times of waiting, we don´t need to question the existence of God just because we are impatiently waiting. Indeed desperation, extreme worry, irritation, doubt and anxiety can but make the journey of waiting less pleasing and longer never shorter.


You can wait for the truth to emerge within and around yourself in its own divine timing and this can well be in the next minute, later or much later.


It doesn’t really matter how fast we find what we seek, but our positive attitude as we wait for this truth to emerge.


The process of finding what we search may be compared to us growing older. As you were a little kid, perhaps you yearned for the chance to play with something only adults could play with. You knew, one day, you would be eligible to play with adult’s games such as driving, making your money and having more freedom and so on. We can use the same approach to our need for truth, for answers and solutions to our problems. We can trust we will meet with the solutions we so much seek, it is just a matter of time.

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