How to value and honor your dreams

Answer: Every human being has dreams. As you focus your energy upon manifesting your dreams, you over-identify yourself with your dreams, you become them. Some people dream to be joyful, to be a center of love respecting and loving those around them. Others dream to find higher ways to help and serve humanity. If you look at your dreams, you may see that higher dreams are eternal; the essence behind a beautiful dream is always eternal.


Go within yourself now. Call upon that wise loving self within you who is filled with dreams: dreams for yourself, dreams for others, dreams for a better world, for more love, and so on. You can create your dreams now and forever, and you can dream more too.


Let the inner wisdom within you open a path where your primary focus is upon manifesting your dreams. As you do so, observe yourself living in higher purpose and your physical body becoming the means through which you create and manifest your dreams. What better than a life invested in creating your most beautiful dreams? Following your dreams can bring joy and vitality to your bodies including your physical body, observe how this is so.


Is there any dream you have been postponing to manifest? The best dreams are often the ones that can create good for both yourself and others. Make a decision to put more time into manifesting your best dreams, you deserve it!


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