How to deal with stress through the power of silence

Subject: how to cope with stresseful life using the power of silence

Giuliano: The act of setting a time and just stopping to think about your life or even in plain silence can be very rewarding, calming and healing. There is much growth that come from time in silence or in observation of your life.

Find daily time to just stop and look at yourself, at your life and at the world around you. Do so with no judgment, just like a scientist collecting information. You may find more about how life works; you may see new different aspects of your life, perhaps have new insights and ideas on how to solve a problem. These new insights and ideas can give you more freedom and help you to make better choices. The more you know about yourself, the more you know how to deal with your life.

Learn to nourish time alone, time in nothingness.

Gather the courage to look at your day, at your life. Challenge yourself to notice any anything new and different about yourself. It can be a talent or a behavior. Perhaps you are extremely talented in something but never noticed that before. When you find out new things about yourself, you can make changes in your life creating good for yourself and those around you.

It is all there, at the reach of the eyes of those who stop to see and to observe. You can observe yourself, a river, a person, a flower, a culture or a country. What do you want to observe today?

You may choose to observe an area of your life that is foggy, perhaps a challenge you have. Today, instead of thinking about the solution to this area, choose instead, to just stop and observe this area with as much detachment as you can. Just observe it. What can you learn today about this challenge? Is there anything new about it?

There is much information flowing around you at this very moment. You can know pieces of this information as you set aside some time daily to just be and observe. Remember, you may like or dislike what you will find as you stop to observe things and your life, but be patient and loving to yourself. Give yourself the chance to remember the child-like delight of just observing and watching things. You can learn to stop, get quiet and see that which was unseen to you before.

3 responses to “How to deal with stress through the power of silence

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  2. How can I handle the boredom of just being and observing things?

    • Like the practice of physical exercise may be boring at times but yet doing so is full of amazing benefits when done regularly, the same holds true to the practice of daily time in silence and just observing life. Be patient, start small, perhaps 2minutes a day is more than enough in the beginning. The benefits from these 2 daily minutes of silence will bring you motivation to keep on doing and perhaps even expanding the time you spend in silence everyday. It is said by many that “practice brings perfection”, perhaps they are right! Good luck and all the joy to you and your life!

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