Help to solve a problem

Answer:Even if you are going through a challenge, know you are an evolved person anyway. Even evolved wise people have challenges to solve. You are not less important than anyone else because you are sick or have some challenge to solve.


You can remember a time in the past where you faced what seemed to you as an “unsolvable” challenge; remember how this challenge got solved anyway later.


There is nothing that is unsolvable or unlovable.


Everything is lovable and thus can change and will always eventually change for the better. Breathe in and out this truth until it is registered within your cells.


Much before you face a challenge, trust God has already provided you with the help needed to solve this challenge. If you look at your past challenges and how they were solved, you may see how you always had “coincidentally” the right people or circumstances around you at that time to help you with your challenges, perhaps these people entered your life even before you realized you needed them.


This Universe is so gentle that it only presents you with a challenge side by side with the help you need to solve it.


Think of a challenge you are facing right at this moment. Look around you with keen eyes and see how the Universe may be providing you with the help you need to solve this challenge. This help maybe in the form of a friend, opportunity, book or a sum of money. What if this friend or opportunity is the next step to lead you out of your challenge? Are you paying enough attention to what is going on around and within you? Challenge yourself not only to describe in detail your “challenge” or problem, but also to recognize the possible solutions already present around you now.


Next time a challenge of any nature shows up, breathe deeply and ask to see the solution. You know solutions come side by side with challenges.You are doing great with your challenges, now it is a good time to do even better.

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