How to deal and cope with annoying people ?

Answer: The more you struggle with something, the more you stick to it. The more you fight with a kind of person, the more you will find yourself drawing this kind of person into your life.

Is there an issue you have been struggling with? Perhaps you dislike ugliness or lack of order, perhaps you dislike too much noise and so on. Just observe what you are trying to get rid off your days and life. This is the very thing you need you make peace with and accept.

Accepting someone you totally dislike will free you from being affected by this person. It will also free you space to welcome someone you like and enjoy more into your life. Observe how far you have already come in loving and accepting people, yourself and the world. You have come far, very far.

But there are other people you are here to embrace with your love, people you are here to love next. Who are these people? What do they do that you dislike or disapprove? Do they lie, invent stories? What habits annoy you? If you want, make a list of what and who is annoying you in your days. Also make sure to observe what is annoying about these things and people.

Take your list and make an inner commitment that in the coming months you will make an extra effort to fully love, accept and see the beauty within these things and within these people. Set your mind to make peace with these things and these people. You may not know how accepting them will be possible, but set your clear intent that you will find your way to be in peace with these people and things accepting them.

Trust, just trust the Universe can help you find a way to understand, love and accept anyone and anything. By making peace with that which annoys you, you free space for that which love to enter your life.

Life is magic, really magic, and once you understand the rules that govern life you are free to live and enjoy your life more fully.

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