How can I listen and follow my inner guidance and intuition more often ?

Answer: Trusting your inner guidance and following it can be really joyful even more when you do so in every area of your life and in more moments of your day. You can follow your inner guidance when you are opening a business, when you are making friends with a new person, writing an article or poem, or even when you are choosing how to exercise your body.

Our inner guidance is really clear and sound; when it hits us we can’t hide ourselves from it. Of course, we are free not to follow our inner guidance, but certainly we always hear it. Some people are already used to following their feelings and inner guidance, others are still learning how to do so, but we all have inner guidance.


Inner guidance often comes when you need it or when you least expect it.


When you request inner guidance over a subject or an action you are about to take, you may sometimes get nothing, such as no idea and no different sensation. When this happens, face it as a sign for you to move forward with what you have planned to do in this situation. At the same time, when you feel an urge to do something else, to make a change, it may be a good idea to follow your inner guidance and change plans.

Strong feelings are a form of inner guidance. Whenever you get nothing, no feeling, no thoughts or no inner guidance that is when moving forward and doing as you have planned can be wise. But always know that following your inner guidance is totally your responsibility.

Sometimes we need to learn how to follow our inner guidance, a guidance that always leads us to more and not less. Of course, in any process of learning, we commit mistakes, we misunderstand our inner guidance and make decisions that are not so wise, but how could we learn otherwise?

As you set your intention to awaken fully to the power of your inner guidance, trust a path will open leading you to fully benefit from your inner guidance. Your inner divine self is very skilled in creating a path where you will naturally learn, day by day through the years to come, how to awaken the power to listen and follow your inner guidance and intuition.

Know you are already doing great in listening to your intuition in some areas of your life. Trust that your intuition will always lead you to more abundance, joy, peace, play and love otherwise you are not following your inner guidance but something else.


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