How can I find out my talents ?

Answer: You have great skills yet unknown to you and to the world, skills within you yet unknown waiting for the right moment to blossom and come to the surface. Isn’t it great to be reminded you have powers, skills and talents yet unknown to you? Whenever a new talent blossoms, your entire life changes.

What is the next talent to be awakened within you? Perhaps the talent to sing, to write poems, or the talent to nourish and take care of others. You have a multitude of talents waiting the right circumstances to flourish and change your life for the better.

Everyone has talents to be unveiled, to be discovered. Even your pets will surprise you throughout their lives revealing new beautiful aspects and traits.

We are made of newness. Every day something new comes from within us to all around. Observe the abundance of newness that exists within you and within all life.

Let yourself be surprised, really surprised by some new talent of yours this month. Perhaps you will see yourself doing something you never thought you had the talents or skills to do. Also open the way for others to show talents you never thought they had. People can surprise you, they really can. Teachers know this, they often are surprised by their students and what they are capable of doing.

Perhaps you know more than you think you know, perhaps you are more loving than you think you are or perhaps you are wiser than you have perceived and this also holds true for everyone in your life.

Every time you express yourself be it through writing a book, giving a speech, making a business deal or starting a new diet program you open many doorways of opportunities for your buried talents to emerge and shine. See how this is so this week. Marvel at any new aspect and talent of yours.

When you feel free and safe, you always play out your best to the world; you play your highest self. Nourishing an atmosphere of safety and freedom around you is always a wonderful next step to boost your new talents.  Imagine yourself feeling safer and freer more often and at new areas of your life. Once you feel freer,  your creativity often goes way up.


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