How can I find balance between work and play ?

Answer: We all know when we need to stop and take a little time to rest and play. And perhaps now it is time to pay more attention to your feelings to stop and rest for awhile.

You can rest by reading a magazine you like, by watching a sunset or by taking a long shower. Meditation may also recharge your batteries even more when you listen to beautiful music while you meditate. Meeting with friends, playing with your pets, dining out or just going for a walk can also increase your joy and recharge your batteries.

Resting and playing can become a vital and  important part of your day as much as working already is.

We all need to rest our minds and bodies. Everyone needs a resting time. Finding the perfect balance between activity and rest is surely one of our most important challenges to master.

How can you master the perfect balance between activity and rest in all areas of your life? Just throw this question to the Universe and the answers will come to you in the days and years to follow.

Perfect balance does exist and is at your reach. Those who live balanced lives are joyful and wonderful people to be around. They are always guided from within towards the next activities that can balance themselves be it to work more, to exercise, to chat or even just sleep.

Be more attentive to your inner guidance and honor it by acting upon it. If your heart is whispering for a break, then give it to yourself. If you are feeling energized to work in a project, then do so.

You can learn how to follow more and more your inner guidance. You can master, day by day and moment by moment, how to create a life filled with perfect balance in all areas.


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