Do I really matter ? Is my life important ?

Answer: Your life is a jewel, something precious that is there to be treasured by yourself and others. Do you already treasure your life as something special and unique?  You are very special and so is the unique life you live.

It doesn’t matter where you are living, inside a simple home or within a castle, for you are always impacting people with your attitude and with your thoughts. You are a beautiful and precious life force energy expressing yourself through a multitude of ways. As a life force energy, you never cease to be yourself, to express your thoughts and actions.

Even someone sick and in the hospital is a life force energy expressing himself within this situation. Nothing and no one in the world on can limit our spirits for too long nor hold us from being the precious people we really are. There are countless stories of people who lived in situations such as being a prisoner or a slave and still marked the history of humanity by their wise, loving and powerful attitude. Observe how no one really can stop you from being a powerful being.

No matter where you are, with whom you are, you will always have an abundance of freedom, of a freedom granted to you by God, to be the joyful wise loving being you truly are. The only person, the only one that can block your beauty away is yourself and not anything or anybody else.

How freeing it is to discover this truth! You are always free to express your best and be the wonderful person you really are at all times and at all places.

You can open the way for more abundance, for more loving connections with other human beings, for a better home, for a better work and so on. You deserve all these things. You deserve a wonderful life filled with love. You deserve to be surrounded by nature and lovely friends. Remembering you are deserving of all good things is always the first step to claim good things to enter your life.

Time is very healing, through time you will see yourself welcoming more easily and beautifully all the most wonderful things into your life and all very naturally. We are all here learning and learning.  Because we are learners, we are entitled to make mistakes, to make misjudgments and also to grow from them.

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