The Power of Friends in a Joyful Life

Every day is a new beginning. Every day as we wake up, it is as if we are being born all over again. We face daily opportunities to do everything we better than we ever did.

Our days are chances given to us so we can grow, change and do better.

It is important to value each day that is given to you. Use your days to do the best that you can and you will always end up becoming a happier person.

If feeling joyful every day is not yet a reality for you, then it is never late to start searching for ways to be more joyful. Perhaps you need to learn to ask more for help, opening to let others help you. Unhappy people are often isolated always trying to do and discover all by themselves. They are often people who keep their feelings, doubts and desires to themselves.

Don’t be an unhappy person yourself! Find the courage to share more often with others, perhaps with friends and loved ones, your problems, joys, doubts and sorrows.  After all they are your friends and you can count on them and they can count on you.

When we open ourselves, when we are sincere and honest, we give others a chance to get closer to us. We give them a chance to show us affection becoming closer friends.  But this can only happen when we find the courage to open our hearts and share a little more about our world with others. When you give someone the chance to know more about you, your friendship with this person can move to its next level of beauty.

We all deserve to have good friends.

You deserve to have reliable friends, people with whom you can talk about any topic, people with whom you can be your honest, sincere and true self. You deserve to find those who can accept and value you for who you are. People who know and accept your negatives and who also appreciate and support your positives. People like this can help making each day you live more special and more joyful.

Do you already have good friends, people like the ones I just described? If so, congratulations. If you don’t, then open yourself to find them! Perhaps you will find new friends in your work environment, school and so on. Nice and friendly people exist in abundance out there in the world, they are the majority and not the minority. Discover by yourself how this is true.

For those of you thinking “Who will want to be my friend if I have this or that problem?”. The answer for you is: many people will want to be your friend! This is because we all have problems, either big or small ones. We all have some weaknesses too. The fact that you have some problems or that you are facing some challenges, doesn’t make you any different or any less deserving of having good friends.

Know that facing challenges is something very human. It is an illusion to believe you only deserve to have good friends when you are perfect and have no problems and no challenges to deal with! The most important thing is always to look for those people who can love and accept you, your problems and challenges.

It is normal to have problems and to face challenges. We always have some problems or challenges we are dealing with, this is called being a human being!

Don’t blame yourself nor think you are less deserving of the attention and friendship of others just because you are dealing with a problem or because you have some difficulties. As you let people become your friends, your days will always become brighter and more joyful.

Tips to a better week:

– Value each day you are given. Do the best you can with your days.

– Find the courage this week to share your problems, joys and sorrows with your friends. Let your friends get closer to you by being more vulnerable.


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