More about Giuliano Milan

Giuliano Milan is a 35 year cold  writer, Life Coach and Speaker.

Giuliano Milan is a 35 year old inspirational writer, certified Life Coach and Speaker. He was born in Brazil and started his path of writing in his early twenties. He is a published writer in Brazil and Portugal. Besides giving speeches and trainings within companies, he also coaches CEOs, Directors, actors, olympic athletes and other high performing individuals.


Available only in Portuguese

His book “É Preciso De Pouco Para Ser Feliz” (above) that translates to “You Need Little To Be Joyful” was published in Brazil by Novo Seculo Editora in October 2010 and was published in Portugal by Deplano Editora in July 2011. Giuliano still holds the rights to publish this book in all other countries other than Brazil and Portugal.

As a Life Coach, he offers coaching for individuals either in person or through skype. His major focus on his coaching work is to help people achieve theirs goals successfully and through joy leading balanced and healthy lives.

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