The Power of Believing

(Subject: the power of believing  yourself)

Giuliano: Believe in yourself, you are important, you are unique and beautiful. But in order to be all that you can be, you need first to believe in yourself. Before losing weight, you need first to believe you can do so. Before marrying, you need to believe you can find a special one. Observe how important believing in yourself really is.

Everything starts with believing. You need to believe in your power to have money in order to be financially powerful. Whatever you want, first remember you need to believe.

How about starting right now? Think of one of your dreams, whatever it is. Spend the next weeks just giving yourself reasons why you can have this dream come about. Visualize yourself having it. Remind yourself you are capable of achieving what you want. This is the very first step toward living your dream. Believing in yourself is a crucial step toward your dreams, one you can’t skip.

Really believe you can have the home of your dreams, the feelings of your dreams, the friends of your dreams, the job of your dreams even if you don’t know how this may be possible right now.

Don’t rush through the phases of manifesting a dream. Enjoy the phase of believing in yourself and in your powers. I have met wonderful people in shape who once were obese. They always share how important it was at a certain time in their lives to believe they were somehow were capable of losing weight and having the body of their dreams. Believing they could do it helped them throughout all the next steps they took to build the healthy good looking body they wanted.

You can’t imagine how important believing really is. Spend a good time in this phase. Just let go of the need to see your dream happening right now. Focus all your attention in believing in yourself to the next level.


How To Make A Difference In The World

(Subject: Making a difference in the world, how to make a difference in the world)

Giuliano: Humanity has handled faster more issues in the last hundred years than ever in the past. New technology has been created and more human beings are being educated than in the past. Humanity is becoming more intelligent.


If challenges are coming faster, then we can trust the answers to these challenges will also come faster.


We can use our growing intelligence to create more harmony in the planet. We can use our intelligence to create good for others.


If you are a cab driver, for instance, you may come up with new creative solutions to solve the challenges within your profession, unique solutions only you can come up with.


You can help humanity through your profession. You can create good in people’s lives with the services you provide. You can add love, wisdom, encouragement and joy to others through your work.


There are countless ways for you to bring more harmony to your physical body, to your life and that of others. It just takes a little creativity, openness and willingness on your part to do so.


Some people believe they need to become saints to serve God or to be healthy!


You can a be a saint cab driver, a saint cooker, a saint writer or a saint mother. Do not delude yourself by believing that you will only make a difference in the world if are famous, incredibly rich or live in a monastery. There are countless paths where you can use your intelligence to create good for others and for yourself, paths that do not involve being famous, being rich or even doing charity work.


Look with wise eyes at the world. Find those who are loving and uplifting humanity and these people are in every profession and social class. They are both famous and unknown people. They are our true heroes and healers and they are everywhere in every place, in every job, social class and country.


Even many of the most world famous leaders in history were once not famous and just “out there”. They became famous through time and through the quality of their work and achiviements.


You may bump up with many heroes in this life. They may or may not choose to use their love and intelligence to become famous and millionaires, but they are all certainly choosing to serve humanity in some way.


What if you could face each stranger you meet from the poorest to the richest, from the healthiest to the sickest as a potential hero and true contributor to humanity? How would your life change? Perhaps you would love more those who crossed your path. Perhaps you would respect more people´s dreams even if they sounded too big or too impossible for you.


Meeting a hero, no matter if he or she has yet become recognized by society, is very rewarding. You perhaps have heard stories down the ages of people feeling good just by having contact with special human beings and the loving presence they emanate. I believe is within God’s plan for each of us to become such people.


Learn to honor your life on Earth by choosing wisely where you put your time.


You can always choose to put all that you have: time, energy, money, and intelligence into doing what you love and know can empower and serve humanity. And this is one of the most healing things you can do for yourself and others. As you take the most out of your time to do what you love and to serve others your level of joy, vitality, creativity, love and power goes way up.


Today think of ways you can serve and make a difference through your life and work.


The Power of Joy – Feeling joyful is at your reach!

Subject: You can feel joyful now, joy is your birthright.


You are absolutely free to change your approach toward your life anytime you choose. You can choose to sleep in a different hour, be around someone different, and so on. There is literally no one blocking you from changing your life so you can experience more joy.


No one can block your joy. It is just an illusion that someone such as a sickness, a problem or a person can block your joy from you.


If nothing can block your joy, why not feeling joyful at all times? You, yourself, are the absolute owner of joy. Only you can give yourself the right to be joyful. Observe how many times in your day you already allow yourself to be joyful. It is just a matter of expanding these moments more and more so you can live a joyful life.


You don’t need to wait to find a soul mate, to heal a physical problem or to solve a challenge to then be joyful!


You can and have it all to be happy right now at this moment with all the you already know and already have.


Many people tend to hurry up things and projects in their lives so they can eventually become joyful. If they only knew God can source joy into their lives right now, they would not hurry up their lives and projects so much. Indeed, as you become joy yourself, you do not try to accelerate the natural timing of things. You respect time and you are at ease with it.


Free yourself from time. Don’t let time control yourself, nor make you happy or sad. Don’t ever give this power to time! Give yourself and God the power to make yourself happy and joyful at all times.


As sons of God, we have all the reasons to feel blessed, to be thankful and to be joyful. Find your reasons to be joyful today and help others find theirs.


Observe your level of joy now and earlier today. Probably you are feeling more joyful now than when you started reading this article moments ago. This is God in action. The joy you are now feeling comes from deep within in you, a joy that has always been there.


Find all the reasons to give yourself permission to be joyful today and every day. Find the joy to wait for all the truths, answers and solutions to your challenges.

Todays Problems of Chronic Impatience – Learning to wait for answers and solutions

Subjetc: Todays chronic impatience and  irritation when it comes to waiting for answers and solutions

Giuliano: The answers we so much seek in any area of our lives may not always reveal itself to us in our timing, it may  come to us by the divine timing which is always perfect and right. The answers to your questions, prayers and requests may come today, next month or in the years to come. Just trust they will come in the best timing for you.


We really have no reasons to become desperate when what  we seek take more time to come about than what we expect. During times of waiting, we don´t need to question the existence of God just because we are impatiently waiting. Indeed desperation, extreme worry, irritation, doubt and anxiety can but make the journey of waiting less pleasing and longer never shorter.


You can wait for the truth to emerge within and around yourself in its own divine timing and this can well be in the next minute, later or much later.


It doesn’t really matter how fast we find what we seek, but our positive attitude as we wait for this truth to emerge.


The process of finding what we search may be compared to us growing older. As you were a little kid, perhaps you yearned for the chance to play with something only adults could play with. You knew, one day, you would be eligible to play with adult’s games such as driving, making your money and having more freedom and so on. We can use the same approach to our need for truth, for answers and solutions to our problems. We can trust we will meet with the solutions we so much seek, it is just a matter of time.

Facing challenges in life with a positive attitude

Subject: Thoughts on Facing challenges in life with a positive attitude , optimism and hope


Before judging what is happening with you as a misfortune, look deeply to see if it is not a life blessing. All the situations and challenges we face in our lives can be doorways to boost us to a new higher level of well being, peace, abundance and joy.


Think now of your deepest problem in this lifetime, the one that has been in your mind for years now. Imagine if you could find the highest solutions to this problem, just imagine. Imagine how many people who have similar problems could benefit from you finding the way out of these problems.


There are those people who were born within terrible environment, abused in all levels as children and are now world leaders, powerful teachers giving a true contribution to humanity. These men and women have learned to see the blessings within their misfortunes and offered themselves as examples on how to better deal with these circumstances. They have opened a new higher path for all coming behind them.


Having a problem is not easy, nor even enjoyable or fun, far from that.  Having a problem can be sad at times, no matter the nature of this problem: physical, material, emotional, mental and so on. But as human brothers and sisters, we can take the most out of our problems using them as great doorways of opportunities to boost our and everyone´s lives for the better.


You have all within yourself. You have within you the maps to any goal you want to achieve, did you know that? The challenge then becomes how to open up the path to reach these maps within you. How can you find the inner maps to your goals? You can do so by asking God for all the maps to your goals to be revealed to you.


Humanity can grow and find within itself the maps to its many challenges. Humanity can solve its challenges. It can and will, for instance, find the cure for cancer, aids and any other present and future diseases. Humanity can and will learn how to travel through space faster and easily finding more about the many mysteries of the Universe. Humanity can and will birth a new sense of love and brotherhood within itself through time.


We know so many brothers of ours who have honored their lifetimes and humanity. To name a few: Thomas Edison, Albert Eisten, Nelson Mandela, Jesus Christ, Gandhi and so many others whose names can fill up books and more books. As you face a challenge, be it the challenge of healing a physical disease, working through a relationship problem or a financial issue, go within yourself and affirm that in the name of humanity and God, you will find the highest way out of this challenge. If you choose, affirm that you will also bring relief and growth to those who are now facing a similar challenge encouraging others through your own example of success.


You can be a living example for all humanity.

There is enough to be discovered, enough solutions yet to be found, and you are capable to give your contribution to humanity as much as any other human being did or will do.


As you set the intention to help humanity through finding higher solutions to your own challenges and problems, the entire Universe seems to join you, aiding yourself to find these higher solutions.

How to deal with stress through the power of silence

Subject: how to cope with stresseful life using the power of silence

Giuliano: The act of setting a time and just stopping to think about your life or even in plain silence can be very rewarding, calming and healing. There is much growth that come from time in silence or in observation of your life.

Find daily time to just stop and look at yourself, at your life and at the world around you. Do so with no judgment, just like a scientist collecting information. You may find more about how life works; you may see new different aspects of your life, perhaps have new insights and ideas on how to solve a problem. These new insights and ideas can give you more freedom and help you to make better choices. The more you know about yourself, the more you know how to deal with your life.

Learn to nourish time alone, time in nothingness.

Gather the courage to look at your day, at your life. Challenge yourself to notice any anything new and different about yourself. It can be a talent or a behavior. Perhaps you are extremely talented in something but never noticed that before. When you find out new things about yourself, you can make changes in your life creating good for yourself and those around you.

It is all there, at the reach of the eyes of those who stop to see and to observe. You can observe yourself, a river, a person, a flower, a culture or a country. What do you want to observe today?

You may choose to observe an area of your life that is foggy, perhaps a challenge you have. Today, instead of thinking about the solution to this area, choose instead, to just stop and observe this area with as much detachment as you can. Just observe it. What can you learn today about this challenge? Is there anything new about it?

There is much information flowing around you at this very moment. You can know pieces of this information as you set aside some time daily to just be and observe. Remember, you may like or dislike what you will find as you stop to observe things and your life, but be patient and loving to yourself. Give yourself the chance to remember the child-like delight of just observing and watching things. You can learn to stop, get quiet and see that which was unseen to you before.

Help to solve a problem

Answer:Even if you are going through a challenge, know you are an evolved person anyway. Even evolved wise people have challenges to solve. You are not less important than anyone else because you are sick or have some challenge to solve.


You can remember a time in the past where you faced what seemed to you as an “unsolvable” challenge; remember how this challenge got solved anyway later.


There is nothing that is unsolvable or unlovable.


Everything is lovable and thus can change and will always eventually change for the better. Breathe in and out this truth until it is registered within your cells.


Much before you face a challenge, trust God has already provided you with the help needed to solve this challenge. If you look at your past challenges and how they were solved, you may see how you always had “coincidentally” the right people or circumstances around you at that time to help you with your challenges, perhaps these people entered your life even before you realized you needed them.


This Universe is so gentle that it only presents you with a challenge side by side with the help you need to solve it.


Think of a challenge you are facing right at this moment. Look around you with keen eyes and see how the Universe may be providing you with the help you need to solve this challenge. This help maybe in the form of a friend, opportunity, book or a sum of money. What if this friend or opportunity is the next step to lead you out of your challenge? Are you paying enough attention to what is going on around and within you? Challenge yourself not only to describe in detail your “challenge” or problem, but also to recognize the possible solutions already present around you now.


Next time a challenge of any nature shows up, breathe deeply and ask to see the solution. You know solutions come side by side with challenges.You are doing great with your challenges, now it is a good time to do even better.

How to cope with feeling lonely – Tips

Answer: Some people just remember they are loved when they get sick and people around them show them their love and affection. You don’t need to get sick to know you are loved and important!

Use your chance to live each day as a proof of how loved and important you are to God and to all. Free your physical, emotional and mental bodies so they can express their next level of health, strength and vitality and let a smile show on your face.

When your friends tell you their misfortunes, their aches, problems and so on perhaps all they want is simply that you love them. They want to know they are loved, so give them the best love you have so far found within yourself.

You are not alone, this is imposible! You are not alone even in your problems, for there are many people in a similar if not equal situation than yours. Think now of all the people who, like yourself, may be facing an identical challenge as yours.  Send them your love and acceptance mentally; trust they can feel your love in some level. Feel you are joining with them to solve your common challenge. You may picture or imagine all of you solving this challenge together to the next level successfully and beautifully.

How to value and honor your dreams

Answer: Every human being has dreams. As you focus your energy upon manifesting your dreams, you over-identify yourself with your dreams, you become them. Some people dream to be joyful, to be a center of love respecting and loving those around them. Others dream to find higher ways to help and serve humanity. If you look at your dreams, you may see that higher dreams are eternal; the essence behind a beautiful dream is always eternal.


Go within yourself now. Call upon that wise loving self within you who is filled with dreams: dreams for yourself, dreams for others, dreams for a better world, for more love, and so on. You can create your dreams now and forever, and you can dream more too.


Let the inner wisdom within you open a path where your primary focus is upon manifesting your dreams. As you do so, observe yourself living in higher purpose and your physical body becoming the means through which you create and manifest your dreams. What better than a life invested in creating your most beautiful dreams? Following your dreams can bring joy and vitality to your bodies including your physical body, observe how this is so.


Is there any dream you have been postponing to manifest? The best dreams are often the ones that can create good for both yourself and others. Make a decision to put more time into manifesting your best dreams, you deserve it!

How can I listen and follow my inner guidance and intuition more often ?

Answer: Trusting your inner guidance and following it can be really joyful even more when you do so in every area of your life and in more moments of your day. You can follow your inner guidance when you are opening a business, when you are making friends with a new person, writing an article or poem, or even when you are choosing how to exercise your body.

Our inner guidance is really clear and sound; when it hits us we can’t hide ourselves from it. Of course, we are free not to follow our inner guidance, but certainly we always hear it. Some people are already used to following their feelings and inner guidance, others are still learning how to do so, but we all have inner guidance.


Inner guidance often comes when you need it or when you least expect it.


When you request inner guidance over a subject or an action you are about to take, you may sometimes get nothing, such as no idea and no different sensation. When this happens, face it as a sign for you to move forward with what you have planned to do in this situation. At the same time, when you feel an urge to do something else, to make a change, it may be a good idea to follow your inner guidance and change plans.

Strong feelings are a form of inner guidance. Whenever you get nothing, no feeling, no thoughts or no inner guidance that is when moving forward and doing as you have planned can be wise. But always know that following your inner guidance is totally your responsibility.

Sometimes we need to learn how to follow our inner guidance, a guidance that always leads us to more and not less. Of course, in any process of learning, we commit mistakes, we misunderstand our inner guidance and make decisions that are not so wise, but how could we learn otherwise?

As you set your intention to awaken fully to the power of your inner guidance, trust a path will open leading you to fully benefit from your inner guidance. Your inner divine self is very skilled in creating a path where you will naturally learn, day by day through the years to come, how to awaken the power to listen and follow your inner guidance and intuition.

Know you are already doing great in listening to your intuition in some areas of your life. Trust that your intuition will always lead you to more abundance, joy, peace, play and love otherwise you are not following your inner guidance but something else.